Mentorship Program

The Suffolk County Dental Society, in conjunction with the New York State Dental Association, is pleased to offer the Mentorship Program.

Mentors provide critical guidance and support to those who are looking to grow, both professionally and personally. It is well known that those who are mentored are more fulfilled and successful due to the support, coaching and networking made possible through collaborating with those more experienced. 

This new member benefit will help match dental students, residents and new dentists, within Suffolk County, with experienced member dentists to act as their mentors.  Although any practicing dentist within Suffolk County may become a mentor, we are encouraging those with ten or more years’ experience to serve as mentors.

We have made the process easy! If you are seeking a Dentist Mentor complete the appropriate link - Students/Residents Application or Dentist Application.

If you would like to serve as a mentor, please fill out the application for:   I would like to be a mentor.

Although Mentors must be members of the SCDC, all Suffolk County dentists, residents and ASDA dental students may be Mentees. Once you fill out the application, we will match you based on the responses received. This process may take several weeks, as we must first receive all applications to locate the best match for you.

You may direct any questions to the Suffolk County Dental Society at Contact@SuffolkDental.Org