Benefits of Membership


In 2022 your membership in the Suffolk County Dental Society is quite special!  You have access to fellow SCDS members with a direct influence to the profession via the American Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association.  Specifically Dr. Maria Maranga, VP of the ADA, Dr. Paul Leary, ADA Trustee, Dr. Kevin Henner, President of the NYSDA, and Dr. Guenter Jonke, NYSDA Trustee, all of whom are still very active in Suffolk County despite their National and State responsibilities.  You have direct access to 2 ADA Board Members, and 2 NYSDA Board Members, something you may not find in any other local component in the US.  Dr. Leary is running for ADA President-Elect this year, with the vote taking place at the ADA House of Delegates in Houston in October 2022.

As an SCDS Member you have access to our General Membership Meetings (CE and meals) as well as the Suffolk Dental Bulletin (printed and delivered to your designated address) at no charge.  You will have special offers from our sponsors and business partners that are member-only privileges.  If you are a "New Dentist" out of dental school or specialist program for 10 years or less, you have access to exclusive events, specifically targeting the needs of this group which is so critical to the profession.  All our events are great networking opportunities regardless of you practice profile and we strive to make them all inclusive, educational and fun!

In addition to all the SCDS membership benefits, you also get all the membership benefits of the New York State Dental Association and the American Dental Association (together, commonly referred to as the Tripartite Organization).
NYSDA Benefits
ADA Benefits

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